Customized Mindfulness Workshops and Keynotes for Businesses

According to these statistics from the American Institute of Stress:

    • 77 % Percent of people regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress
    • 73% Regularly experience psychological symptoms caused by stress
    • 33% Of people feel they are living with extreme stress

Whenever we want to create true lasting change, the place to start is the mind.

Being able to effectively manage stress and generate clarity, focus, energy, and emotional intelligence are some of the best investments we can make in our lives and our businesses.

Mindfulness meditation is a powerful tool that can help to optimize the performance of the mind with proactive strategies to navigate the sea of our increasingly complex world. With uncertainty mounting, NOW has never been a better time to invest in your people. Their wellbeing is the #1 predictor of your future success.



As the popularity of mindfulness has exploded over the past decade, it has been implemented in many different sectors, including schools, hospitals, corporations, and government. A large body of research now demonstrates conclusively that training in mindfulness leads to:

    • Improved productivity
    • Less mistakes
    • Emotional resilience
    • More creativity & innovation
    • Greater job satisfaction leading to better staff retention
    • Improved teamwork and better workplace environments due to more harmonious relationships
    • Less workplace conflict and improved conflict resolution
    • Lower levels absenteeism due to improved health and lowered stress levels
    • Structural changes in the brain associated with enhanced mental performance
    • Enhanced immune function and improved physical and mental well-being
    • Greater happiness

Many of the world’s most respected and renowned companies have already adopted mindfulness in the workplace.


Kristin’s Mindfulness in the Workplace workshops bring together a blend of mindfulness, emotional intelligence skills and simple breathing techniques via a purposeful pause to equip you and your team with a full reset and powerful new teachings to take back into daily life in the workplace.

The mindfulness in the workplace workshops can be customized to the specific needs of your organization as needed and can range from 1 hour to 2 days in duration. Kristin offers both onsite and virtual offerings to cultivate the best fit for your audience.

Change Management Consulting in a Post-Pandemic World

A change management expert for 25 years, I can now clearly see that we hit a glass ceiling. Why? Because we have been trying to MANAGE the change. Change is fluid; not static. Like emotions, it is energy designed to be in motion. We cannot hit pause and create solutions for a static purpose. The solution must be ever-changing and fluid. Up until now, we were assuming we could plot the course, put all these amazing tools in place, manage the risks and lead the effort. To some extent we could. But we truly did not account for the evolving nature of change. CHANGE IS NOT EVEN LINEAR. ALL THE OLD MODELS ARE WRONG.


Change requires us to live in the moment and employ solutions that evolve and adapt to ever-changing needs. We can be intentional but we must mold the clay as we go, being fully present, agile, resilient, emotionally intelligent (because as we know – when emotions are high intelligence is low).

Kristin has pioneered a new consulting model that is revolutionizing businesses by transforming mindsets (treating the cause rather than the effect of the problem). Bold experiments and innovative new approaches are now everyone’s business. Kristin’s clients are proof that the new mindsets are producing become behaviors that are highly sustainable. By addressing questions such as:
Who are we?
How do we operate?
How will we grow?
Every employee embodies the ‘innerstanding’ to embrace the change that is required to thrive.


Associates know who they are and what they stand for as the company’s values are merged with their own; this becomes a “North Star” that guides all colleagues in times of chaos and uncertainty. ALYNE clients understand why and how their company is different from any other: why it exists, how it creates value, and how they operate.

Breathe life into my employees

Some organizations have traded their long-term sustainability for short-term outcomes. When a crisis such as COVID-19 strikes, leaders quickly learn what is missing while trying to sustain a strong culture and a shared sense of purpose. I hired Kristin at a time when I feared for our company’s future. Within one month, she had shifted the beliefs that were created in fear and equipped leaders and their teams to feel empowered. She empowered everyone to be the change agents and leaders that were required to weather the storm with ease. Her workshops are monthly offerings that further sustain the changes and breathe life into my employees. Jack R. CEO

A True Partner

It is very difficult to only select three attributes that best describe Kristin. I would like to add that she is an excellent communicator, truly gifted and passionately driven. Working with an outside consultant to help your business is always risky business. Let me put your fears to rest. Kristin has unbelievable integrity and 100% of the time works in your best interest. She truly partners with you to achieve your objectives and she does it on time and within budget. You cannot ask for more than that. Not just a great consultant but a trusted resource you can turn to without hesitation. I recommend Kristin often and with the highest regard. Steve McClatchy, New York Times Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker, Leadership and Sales Facilitator, Virtual Training

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