About Me

I know how it feels to strive for your worth. I racked up a ton of achievements in my lifetime to prove I was worthy. In 2015, I was stripped of each one of those possessions. I had to find my way back to wholeness and let go of the striving. It was through facing the shame of my darkest moment that I set myself free.

Today, I share my journey out of struggle and stress and into wholeness and a deep inner love of the woman I've become. As a mom to 3 young daughters, I walk the talk of sharing my imperfect, messy and beautiful life with them daily. My clients step into a sacred arena where they are free to stand in their raw and naked self. From deep within, we ignite the flame that sets them free to live a life beyond their wildest imaginations.

For the past 20 years, I have had the privilege of helping doctors, surgeons and C-suite executives overcome the burnout of living at the effect of their lives. Together, we get laser-focused on igniting the flame within and transforming their lives from the inside-out. I lead retreats for executives around the globe and speak at conferences and within organizations about mindfulness and overcoming stress, struggle and striving as a way of life.

Why Me

My expertise as a coach with the International Coaching Federation, background in healing and mental health, and credentials in yoga and mindfulness are key reasons why professionals choose to work with me.

My personal story and compassion for healing at the core is what truly distinguishes me from the other coaches out there. I have walked the path through my darkest hour and come out thriving, which is the greatest testimony I can offer to those considering this journey of a lifetime.

Christine Elizabeth Kiesinger, Ph.D.

"Serious teachers, guides and coaches of personal transformation lead from personal experience. Kristin's effectiveness and passion for her work is rooted in the numerous personal challenges she has navigated and successfully surmounted. Kristin's energy for personal growth and change is contagious--so much so that it has become her life's work. To work with Kristin is to commit to a new life--it's that simple."

Paul Ledebur

"Kristin was highly recommended by a friend of mine and I contacted her for a strategy session. In our session, I immediately was able to see her selfless desire and passion to help others. Through her laser-focused, transformational coaching sessions, she listened, held space for me, restored my confidence in myself and helped me identify my natural talents. Kristin not only showed me possibilities of a new career but helped me discover a new way of thinking, which in turn, created a whole new outlook on life. Today I am on top of the world working towards happiness and a bright future with endless possibilities. I owe Kristin more than words can describe and will forever be grateful for her selfless attitude, compassion and expertise."

Steve McClatchy, New York Times Best Selling Author

"It is very difficult to only select three attributes that best describe Kristin. I would like to add that she is an excellent communicator, truly gifted and passionately driven. Working with an outside consultant to help your business is always risky business. Let me put your fears to rest. Kristin has unbelievable integrity and 100% of the time works in your best interest. She truly partners with you to achieve your objectives and she does it on time and within budget. You can't ask for more than that. Not just a great consultant but a trusted resource you can turn to without hesitation. I recommend Kristin often and with the highest regard."