The Movement

Imagine a world in which you wake up inspired, free from the discomforts of emotional turmoil and tapped into an inner peace despite any external chaos. Imagine untethering yourself from shame, guilt, fear, humiliation, embarrassment and all forms of denial. Imagine living at the cause, rather than the effect, and walking a new path fueled by love and personal freedom. Imagine letting go of people-pleasing and caring about what others think. Imagine being free to simply BE YOU in your imperfect and wildly messy and beautiful self. Imagine a world in which YOU MATTER. The time has come to move past imagining. It's time to cross the threshold.

Welcome to a movement that will free you from the inner depths of your heart and soul.

I am honored to be your guide.

Since hitting rock bottom and discovering Yoga in 2015, I have been fascinated by the powerful physiological, psychological and spiritual effects a yoga and meditation practice can offer. Mindfulness and yoga enabled me to seek refuge within rather than via numbing and distracting. The teachings became my noble truths and foundation for rising from the ashes of my superficial self. It was the incredible impact that these practices had on my own life that inspired me to go to the depths of my being and lead from the inside out.

This journey has taken me around the world on a wild adventure, during which time I have clocked up over 1,000 hours in Mindfulness teachings encompassing Yoga Therapy, Energy Healing, Anxiety and Stress Management, Emotional Resilience, and Inner Reflection. As an internationally recognized certified coach and motivational speaker, I get to spend each day doing what I love most. Whether leading a retreat in an exotic location or coaching one-on-one, I immerse myself in your rising strong process. I am truly honored and beyond grateful for the journey to walk this path.

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Are you standing at a crossroad?

There is nothing more sacred than investing in your unfolding. Today, take a courageous step on your path to love. Feel the lightness in your heart. Get a glimpse of that wild spirit deep inside that is ready to exit the cage.

I will meet you where you are. Together, let's walk the path from fear to love.

Let me show you how true success = personal freedom.

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